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My new book with Gayle Laakmann McDowell is now available for pre-order:

This is a comprehensive book on the strategies, skills, and frameworks to be a great PM — for new PMs all the way to product leaders in charge of a team.

Topics include:

  • Product Skills — user studies…

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Why do some people’s careers grow quickly while others trudge along? If you’re ambitious, what can you do beyond just being good at your job?

Here are some non-obvious things I’ve learned, both in my own career and in the careers of my reports.

Career growth within a role is usually about increasing scope, complexity, autonomy, and impact

As a junior employee you usually…

The Spec, or PRD, or Project Brief is kinda at the heart of what PMs do. It’s one of the few deliverables we’re personally responsible for.

I’ve meant to share the template we use at Asana for a while, but kept getting caught up with other things. So in the spirit of “good is better than done”, here is the template we use for our specs.

The Asana Spec Template

Hope it’s helpful!

(I might clean up this blog post and make it all pretty later)

Jackie Bavaro

Co-Author of Cracking the PM Interview, the best selling book on product management Advisor at Asana. Previously @ Google & Microsoft.

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